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Dazzle Word - Part of Speech Tagging Game

Dazzle word is an Android game made for Indian language grammar (part of speech) for Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi and Nepali . Additionally English game is FREE. We also have introduced a non-Indian language 'French'.



A GAME to learn a New language and it's Grammar. It is available for Hindi -English, Gujarati - English and Nepali - English. Game includes Synonyms - Antonyms, Gender, Part of Speech, Tenses and many more. It is completely FREE.

Grammar- An ocean: Knowledge can be restricted to limited puzzles. More puzzles, better command over Grammar and over the language. To add more languages (Indian / Foreign) or more contents as per the requirement. Drop an email to contact@languagenectar.com

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Now also for iOS

Dazzle Word Plus for iOS device.

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